global-woods in Kikonda develops high-quality timber plantations in balance with social and ecological demands and standards.

global-woods is committed to the principles promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests as well as the principles of the GoldStandard Foundation.

To achieve these objectives a comprehensive management system is in place to ensure:
• Issues are identified through plantation planning and management processes;
• An effective community consultation process is implemented including complaints resolution and feedback processes;
• Involvement and input of workers is valued; and
• Effective monitoring and auditing processes are in place to confirm standards and values are being met and to provide the basis for continual improvement.

Any claims that global-woods AG does not meet the standards will be formally investigated. A Complaints Log will be maintained to confirm the complaints made and actions taken.

For additional information about what we do and how we do it, please download the 2019 Public Summary of our management plan below or contact us at our office or through mail ( at )