The operations of global-woods offer a multitude of benefits to people. Here are a few examples:

Corporate Social Responsibility: global-woods has a CSR policy in place that governs the impact of the company on people and the environment. In order to promote CSR in the forest sector global-woods facilitated a workshop with representatives of the private forest sector, research institutions, donors and NGOs. This initiative is now followed up by the Uganda Timber Growers Association and the Sawlog Production Grant scheme to implement CSR nation wide. Further, a program to improve rural development is currently being implemented in partnership with NGO's such as Vi Agroforestry.

Labour: Averagely between 300-600 people receive their salary and wages from working with global-woods and its contractors. Given that each worker has app. 4 dependants a total more than 2000 people earn from Kikonda. The largest part of the money invested in Kikonda is spent on salaries. As workers reside in the neighbouring villages, businesses around the reserve receive a significant growth of trade.

Seedlings: We shares the joy and excite of tree farming with its neighbours. More than 200,000 seedlings and technical advice have been supplied free of charge to over 200 farmers turning them into proud owners of trees.

Maintaining roads: Whenever possible, roads leading through the reserve are maintained open for public traffic. Nevertheless our neighbours are asked not to use them to bring cattle into the plantation that damages our trees.